Therapists Who Work With Us

We work with Tanvi and Tom from Brent’s Speech and Language Team, Mary from Brent’s Occupational Therapy Team and Yor who is our Link Educational Psychologist. The therapists visit the children in Rainbows to observe, assess and provide therapy plans for each child, which we then help to put in place at nursery and at home. We believe working together on shared and agreed targets ensures the best possible outcomes for the children we work with. This team-based approach allows us to look at each child as a unique individual, which is key to understanding how best to support them.

We are also proud to provide one-on-one music therapy for children in Rainbows from Resources for Autism. Hugh comes in every week to run individual 20 – 30 minute music therapy sessions with three children every week. This therapy focuses on using music as a way of communicating and building relationships.

Brent Specialist Centre Early Years Foundation Stage