“We are very happy with the progress our son made in nursery. He is very smart, intelligent, full of energy boy and he enjoyed attending Rainbows.”

“My daughter has really improved during her time at Rainbows, it has been so wonderful to see her become close with all the staff and to be surrounded by so many people that understand her!”

“Fawood has been a real support and help for my son and our family. He has gone from not responding to reading, writing and responding verbally. I could not have hoped for better staff”

“My daughter has made excellent progress since starting Rainbows in September. I have seen a drastic change in her behaviour socially.I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything for everything the staff at Rainbows have done for her.”

“I can’t believe how much progress my son has made over the year he has been at Rainbows. Some of progress he has made, we never thought we would hear him do. Thank you, Rainbows for all your support and hard work.”

Brent Specialist Centre Early Years Foundation Stage