In Rainbows each child’s learning is based on an Individual Education Plan (IEP) which includes agreed targets and strategies to support the child’s learning. We have a high ratio of adults in Rainbows (1:2) which enables us to provide children with high levels of adult support.

We use a variety of specialist strategies and approaches which include:

Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) – using pictures to communicate

Makaton – signs and symbols to help people communicate

Structured teaching – one on one with high levels of visual support

Intensive interaction – one on one session following from the child’s movements and vocalisations

Small group and partner activities

Lots of visual support – photos, symbols, objects to represent activities, timetables, etc.

Children are also provided with daily opportunities to play and explore the mainstream nursery. Our facilities are resourced, organised and arranged to be as autism friendly as possible and we are proud to offer this commitment throughout the centre.

Brent Specialist Centre Early Years Foundation Stage