Areas of Learning

The Prime Area of Communication and Language

We create a chance for the children to pay attention and listen to adults and each other so that their understanding develops and they become confident speakers.

Learning together in small group times. Watching and listening attentively
Creating play experiences where they use language to image and recreate roles and experiences

The Prime Area of Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Children are given the opportunity to become independent learners. They develop self-confidence and self-awareness through helping themselves and others. They learn to manage their feelings and form positive relationships with adults and children.

Sharing expertise and teaching others
Choosing friends to share experiences with

The Prime Area of Physical Development

Children learn good control of their large and small muscles – they move confidently and in a range of ways. We teach children how to handle tools appropriately and work towards becoming competent writers. Children are taught about good health and learn to manage their hygiene and personal needs.

Moving for the sheer fun of it
Becoming writers

The Specific Area of Literacy

We encourage children to think of themselves as readers and writers and help them to develop concepts about print in order to promote early reading and writing behaviours.

Sharing a book together and finding out what happens next
Being a teacher and reading for others
The joy of sharing a book together
Sitting together but reading for themselves
High levels of concentration shown while he reads the book
Using the Interactive Whiteboard to create a shared image of ‘chicken eggs cracking’
Writing about his experiences and talking about his ideas

The Specific Area of Mathematics

We develop children’s mathematical thinking in all areas of the learning environment. Children are encouraged to count, calculate and recognise shapes and numbers while they experiment with different ways of solving problems. We help children to make connections between what they know and what they want to discover, and to represent their thinking in ways which are meaningful to them.

Creating patterns and beginning to group shapes together
Creating patterns with 3D shapes
Learning about numbers that are significant to them – ‘I am 4 today, I have 4 candles, 1for each year’

The Specific Area of Understanding the World

Children are great people watchers, they observe the adults around them and incorporate elements of what they see into their play. Their environment is a source of endless fascination and we create opportunities for children to satisfy their curiosity through multi-sensory experiences and the use of technology.

Taking bookings for the ‘hair dressers’
Practicing looking after others
Developing understanding of the natural world
Making water flow and observing it
Exploring the environment in different seasons. Remembering ‘how it was before’

The Specific Area of Expressive Art and Design

We support the development of children’s imaginations by ensuring they have access to a wide range of open-ended resources which they can use in a multiplicity of ways. Children’s creativity is nurtured by adults who are able to introduce specific skills and techniques sensitively in order to extend children’s creativity.

Using dough to express their thoughts and ideas, while learning what different tools can be used for
Exploring design and form
Creating enclosures with a purpose in mind
Using the ideas of others to recreate your own
Brent Specialist Centre Early Years Foundation Stage