We welcome students from many different disciplines to work with us within the Partnership. We have teaching students who are interested in specializing in working with Early Years children, we have students who are completing childcare courses, we have students who are pursuing their studies in social care and we are also very amenable to taking Work Experience placements from our local secondary schools. All students are assigned a Learning Mentor who will help them to make the most of the learning opportunities available across the Partnership. When possible students are invited to attend training with Partnership staff and to think of themselves as part of the professional team.

Student from London Metropolitan University

Studying – Early Childhood Degree

“Being at Curzon Crescent Children’s Centre as an student has helped me learn more about planning and being able to meet each individual child’s needs, staff are brilliant and so supportive! It’s one of the best settings I have seen love it.”

March 2018

Student from London Metropolitan University

Studying – Early Childhood Degree

“I really enjoy working with Curzon Crescent Nursery, everyone is friendly. I love being able to work with the staff here, they are very organised and professional especially when dealing with the children. Every week they learn something new which makes the nursery fun and this is important for children’s development.

This is definitely a Children’s Centre that I would recommend to friends and families who have children. The classrooms are filled with activities so each child has something to do and explore new things.”

February 2018

Studying – MSc Social Work

“ I was lucky enough to carry out my Child Observation at the Fawood Centre over an 8 week period.
I observed a truly lovely little girl, who has enhanced and enriched my educational journey. The staff were both friendly and flexible, and made me feel comfortable in their environment each time I attended. The Fawood has a wonderfully diverse range of children in attendance, with a vast array of toys, games and different play areas to encourage development. It was evident the staff took into consideration the learning and cultural needs of the children, thus creating a lively and fun nursery. ”

Autumn 2017

Jenease’s student experience
Rukia’s student experience
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