Parents / Carers

have a better understanding of the important role that fathers have in raising their children, and as a result of coming to the children’s centre have spent more time with my daughter, reading to her, and this had brought us closer together”

Dad’s comments from Play, Stay and Learn session 

“This course is a good reminder for us as parents to sit down, think and work out values. Things do not happen by accident. We have to think about how we can make things better. Think about our parenting styles and what we want to implement and what we want to change. There were aspects of safety issues taught in the area…drugs/alcohol. It was shocking but it was good to know what was going on. I have taken several of these parenting courses and because of them I decided to become a parent champion. I want to share my experiences that I have gained since taking the course. Thank you for providing this course.”

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme 

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Parents / Carers

“I have really recommended this course to many people that I know. It has really changed my relationship with the children and I shared what I learned with my husband and we both have better relations with the children. Thank you”

Strengthening Families, Strengthening Communities Parenting Programme 

“My daughter has really improved during her time at Rainbows, it has been so wonderful to see her become close with all the staff and to be surrounded by so many people that understand her!”

Parent’s comments for Rainbows

“I can’t believe how much progress my son has made over the year he has been at Rainbows. Some of he has made we never thought we would hear him do. Thank you, Rainbows for all your support and hard work.”

Parent’s comments for Rainbows

“My daughter has made excellent progress since starting Rainbows in September. I have seen a drastic change in her behaviour socially. I am truly grateful from the bottom of my heart for everything for everything the staff at Rainbows have done for her.”

Parent’s comments for Rainbows

Diana’s family has made use of 30 hours at Fawood nursery school to support her daughter to access childcare whilst Mum is on maternity leave.

“My daughter had been in childcare since she was 18 months old. For me the big benefit is the fact I’m not having to pay for the additional hours because I’m on maternity leave so I’m not on my full wage. Without 30 hours, we had thought we wouldn’t have been able to afford to keep her at the nursery and I would have had to take her out of school entirely. 30 hours is helping her get used to the routine of school for when she goes to reception next year. She has been wanting to go to a big school for ages in her mind it’s what you should be doing. The structure of the day has been really good for her and the teachers have been really helpful in giving us tips and come September when she starts at reception that’s going to be an enormous boost. The big difference that 30 hours offers is that we don’t have to pay for the hours. Without it we would have had to take her out of nursery while I was on maternity leave.”

Thandeka’s family has made use of 30 hours at a Curzon Crescent nursery School, enabling her to take up full-time work.up full-time work.

“I’ve always lived in Brent, went to school in Brent. I was happy when my daughter started her journey. When my daughter was two she qualified for the 15 hours because I was working part time then as a career. However the amount of money I was getting and the travelling, I wasn’t making enough money to do other things and it was hard for her dad to financially support everything. Luckily I found a permanent job. When I started my new job in July (summer holiday) bySeptember the 30 hours came out and I was really excited. Before this I was thinking how I am going to do this? It was stressing me out.
Since starting nursery, she is learning so much and interacting with lots of other kids her age. She has developed a lot, am so proud. She is starting school in September and I feel this has prepared her for this. This nursery is really good – They take pictures and write up assessments about your child’s development. She talks to me about what she is learning, the books that she’s reading, she brings homework and story bags every week so we do activities at home. Through the EYLOG we get see what she does during the day. I’m really happy I chose this nursery – I can drop her in the morning and a family member helps me to pick her up. Financially, it would have been very stressful. Without this I may have had to stay at home. This may encourage families to work instead of staying at home.”

Graduation Ceremony 2017

Our parents were awarded their Certificates by the Mayor of Brent, Cllr Bhagwanji Chohan, at our 2017 Graduation Ceremony. This was a very successful event with ideas and thoughts shared by our parents.

Graduation Ceremony 2013

At our 2013 Graduation, Parents shared their thoughts about and experiences of our Partnership, some of these can be viewed in the video playlist. 

Graduation Ceremony 2013

During an IYPP Parenting Class, parents shared their thoughts about the Centre and the Programme, some of these can be viewed in the video playlist


My experiences with the Parent’s Forum – Rebecca Barragato

I have attended a few meetings and I have enjoyed them all. Found it all very informative and importance as a parent with children at Fawood. I feel very much a part of the parent community through these forum. And I find that my views and recommendations are heard and respected. This is also a great platform to meet and interact with other parents. I feel this is a very positive meeting and it should continue and more parents should attend and be part of it.

Messages from Parents to the Fawood Team, July 2014:

Yes it’s time to say goodbye
It was lovely to be here with you all, to have your support, to absorb your knowledge, to know that you’re part of my beginnings. I’m going BUT nor worries I’m still going to see you all from time to time.

I have observed my daughter excel from being a shy little girl into a confident, happy, self-motivated, enthusiastic person since she started her nursery placement at Fawood Children’s Centre. I would like to thank the team at Fawood for their dedication, patience and guidance. Their efforts have helped my daughter to build a strong foundation in readiness for Reception class and beyond. I am very happy and pleased with the progress made.

I am so very pleased with my daughter’s progress during her time at Fawood. Full credit to all the staff. My daughter has fully enjoyed her time at Fawood and will miss it terribly. She has developed skills which she will take forward to Reception. Thank you.

I feel that my son has grown mentally since starting at Fawood. I believe his behaviour has improved immensely and I am very proud with the progress that has been made.

I can see my son has changed and progressed over time especially with settling and behaviour. He made lots of friendships and is now able to share without aggression. He matured a lot and became a sensible boy. I am proud of him.

Our son has always shown a keen interest in learning new things at home. We are proud to hear that he continues to engage these skills at nurser. We are happy that he is able to use the toilet independently thanks to the nursery staff. We are proud of his achievements and we hope that he continues to grow as a motivated and confident individual.

Brent Specialist Centre Early Years Foundation Stage