“Being a full time parent can affect massively our professional life. When I heard about the chance of volunteering within our local Children Centre, l thought to give myself an opportunity to do some work experience while helping others. I volunteered within the Curzon Crescent Childrenai’s Centre for over a year and it has been an amazing experience, where l learned a number of truly valuable skills, and eventually I have found a job in the Education sector. By working as part of a team, socialising with local families, observing teaching within the nursery and, mostly, supporting the children and the staff is like learning all what you need to know, to be ready for a job.”

“I will never thank enough all the staff at the Curzon Crescent for the opportunity they gave me which helped me to make the big step and to gain very important skills for life!”

Volunteer comments – working in the crèche and nursery at Curzon Crescent, Jan 2018

“I applied for a parent governor as my eldest son went to Curzon nursery and my youngest son is currently in Curzon nursery, orange class. I have been really pleased at the progress they both have made, reaching their full potential in this lovely children centre. My professional background is in education and accounting so after a while I became a volunteer at the children’s centre helping out with data analysis and data entry. This allowed me to put the skills gained from years of education and previous work into action.”

“After my son gained a full time place at Curzon nursery, I was able to start applying for jobs. I recently started working part-time for a local school as a school meals supervisor, I also volunteer when I can at the breakfast club in the mornings. I am hoping that this will eventually lead to gaining a job in my specialist field”.

Volunteer comments – Governor for Curzon Crescent and Fawood Children Centres, Jan 2018