Joining our Nursery Schools
To get a place in one of our popular maintained Nursery Schools, all you need to do is come in and ask for an application form or download a copy and fill it in. In accordance with Brent admissions policy, applications for nursery school places must be made through the school. You can download an application form by (clicking here for Curzon Crescent’s and clicking here for Fawood’s) . Guidance on how to complete the application form can be found here. All children aged between 3 and 4 years are entitled to a part-time nursery place of 15 hours per week. Some children may be entitled to 15hrs when they are 2 years old, click here to check eligibility. Depending on individual circumstances, some children may be eligible for a full-time nursery place of 30 hours per week, please click here for eligibility criteria and click on the 30 Hours poster on the right for answers to frequently asked questions. If you require a full-time place for your child, but do not meet the criteria, you may be able to find another nursery or childcare provider whom you can pay for the additional sessions required. Please click here for further information about local childcare providers.

Once you have completed the form, return it to the Reception desk, with proof of your current address, your child’s birth certificate and if you are entitled to a full time place, supporting documentation.

Open Play Sessions and Parents Information Evening

Once you have a place in the Nursery School, we will invite you to bring your child for an ‘Open Play session’. This is an opportunity for you to have a good look round the Nursery and begin to get to know the staff that will be working with your child. Your child will love the chance to play with all the exciting resources whilst they begin to come more familiar with these new surroundings. You will also be invited to come and hear us talk about how we teach young children, on this occasion we would prefer if just the adults came. Then you can ask as many questions as you need to while we explain how much children of this age can learn when we all work together.

You will have another chance to help your child get to know the nursery when you visit us again in July. During this visit we will introduce your child’s key person and you will be given their photograph to take home. This gives you plenty of time to talk to your child about coming to nursery in September and gives them the chance to get more familiar with their key person and what they look like. You will also get a photographic list of ways that you can prepare your child for school.

Home Visits

In early September we will come to your home and talk with you about your child. We will take notes as you tell us about your child and this will be the start your child’s Learning Journey with us. We will talk together about our expectations of you and your child and the expectations that you have of us. You can tell us their likes and dislikes, when they started walking and talking, and any allergies or medical conditions they have – this will help us to understand your child and help them to settle when they start school. Coming to your home helps us to build a positive relationship with you and your child. It’s great for us to play alongside your child, in the place they feel the most confident in.

Settling in at Nursery

We expect that the majority of children will settle into nursery within a three week period. For some it happens much sooner and others find the separation from family members a difficult process to go through. The settling in period alters from child to child but generally speaking during the first week we would expect

  • A parent or carer to stay with the child for the first few days
  • The child to stay in the nursery rooms with the key person while the parent leaves them for a short period of time but stays on the premises
  • The parents to leave for short periods of time and come back at a time agreed with the key person

During the second or third week when your child is ready

  • We may well extend the time that the child is left with us
  • We may extend the amount of time to include staying for lunch

If your child is coping well with lunchtime then we will work towards a 3 o’clock home time.

As your child is settling into the nursery the discussions between you and the key person are really important. The key person will let you know how your child is coping with separating from you and together you can plan how the process moves forward. Most children adapt to the nursery routines with confidence and quickly make friendships with children and adults. Some children however, experience separation anxiety and need a lot more reassurance and time to settle without their parents or carers.

The Role of the Key Person

The key person is the first point of contact for you when you want to talk about your child. They are the person that forms a special relationship with your child. They are also responsible for recording your child’s learning and sharing their progress with you. They are the bridge between home and nursery.

Brent Specialist Centre Early Years Foundation Stage