Rainbows is an Additionally Resourced Provision (ARP) at Fawood Children’s Centre. It has 16 places at 15 hours each. Children entitled to 30 hours at nursery are assigned two places.

The staffing ratio is one member of staff to two children. All staff are highly trained in Autism specific therapies. Each child has a Key Person, who will meets with parents and carers regularly, to discuss their progress . Read more…

Rainbows has Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational therapists attached to our provision, All children are seen regularly at nursery and their therapy targets are incorporated in to their One Page Profile. We also have a Music Therapist who comes in once a week to work with us. Read more…

Therapy, Strategies and our Approach

Our ethos is inclusive; we believe all children should be supported to reach their potential. For children with autism this means that we observe them closely to understand their sensory processing needs and plan carefully to meet them. We have a focus on functional needs such as eating and toileting, but also help the children feel comfortable in their bodies and the environment.


We help the children develop attention skills through the use of Attention Autism (bucket) sessions daily and carefully planned activities. We use Picture Exchange Communication (PECs) to help children who are pre-verbal express their choices. To help children develop a bond of trust and an interest in other people we use Intensive Interaction.

All the children are encouraged to access the mainstream provision, and are supported by Rainbows staff to do so.


Lunchtimes are a social opportunity, staff serve the children and sit with them to eat like a family. We encourage the children to try new foods.

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